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Puppy Large Breed

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Arden Grange is widely stocked in pet shops, where it is marketed as a premium pet food. Online, it is available at much lower prices, and when compared to the other premium foods which are only available online, it becomes clear that Arden Grange is more of a mid-range food.

However, we believe it is a good food for its price point.

This particular mix is tailored for large breed puppies by including glucosamine, chrondrotin and MSM which all support joint development. However, the concentrations are quite low (370mg/kg, 370mg/kg and 260mg/kg respectively) and you may wish to supplement these with something like Riaflex or Yumove.

The calcium level is a little higher than ideal at 1.4%, but this is still a reasonable level for large breed pups.

The ingredients are certainly better than lower-level dry foods, but the things that keep this mix mid-range are the inclusion of maize (third listed ingredient) which is criticised because it is an unnatural part of dogs' diets, is difficult to digest, and may trigger allergic reactions. Some dog food companies champion it as a rich source of nutrition, however.

There is quite a bit of rice (19%) which is not generally considered a valuable source of nutrition in dog foods.

Chicken digest is also a listed ingredient, which may be a concern as it is not clear which part of the chicken this digest is derived from.

Nevertheless, there is a good amount of quality meat in this mix for the price. Frank spent a little time on it before switching to Orijen, and seemed to like the taste.

Arden Grange also has fantastic customer support. If you contact them, they will be happy to send you some free samples and lots of informative literature about their products.


Ingredients Nutritional Additives Analytical Constituents
(chicken meat meal 30%, fresh chicken 5%)
rice 19%
refined chicken oil
beet pulp
chicken digest
whole dried egg
whole linseed
prebiotic FOS
prebiotic MOS
glucosamine (370mg/kg)
MSM (370mg/kg)
chondroitin (260mg/kg)
yucca extract
vitamin A 21 ,000 IU
vitamin D3 1,575 IU
vitamin E 280 IU
zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate 583mg
copper chelate of amino acid hydrate 117mg
manganese chelate of amino acid hydrate 78mg
calcium iodate anhydrous 2.8mg
selenised yeast (inactivated) 76mg
antioxidant (rosemary extract)
crude protein 26%
fat content 16%
crude ash 7%
crude fibres 2.5%
calcium 1.4%
phosphorous 0.95%
omega-3 0.84%
omega-6 2.92%

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