Automatic Ball Thrower

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Automatic Ball Thrower

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Ball throwing is a contentious issue when it comes to large-breed dogs. All that momentum building up as those massive four paws go pounding toward the far-flung tennis ball, all grinding to a halt when the longed-for object is puts a lot of stress on joints.

The great joy with this machine is that it doesn't fling the balls that far. Your dog won't be sprinting manically on some bone-pounding marathon, or twisting his skeleton in frantic spasms as he lunges for the ball. The distance can be adjusted between 5 meters and 10 meters.

What happens instead is that your dog will develop intense philosophical curiousity in this strange marvel, and be ever grateful for the fact that it seems to exist purely for his own entertainment.

Frank rarely exhibits greater delight than when he hears the 'click' which indicates another launch. The noise produced by this clever machine is not enough to startle nervous dogs.

Moderately ingenious dogs will soon learn how to load the machine themselves, by simply returning the ball and dropping it in the appropriate position. This is a deeply satisying spectacle to observe, and will provide endless amusement for your family and dinner guests.

The production values of the ball thrower are excelllent - it is sturdy and reliable. The time setting can be adjusted as well as the distance - you can choose a launch every 7 or 15 seconds.

It can be powered by mains or battery (battery life is a little limited). It comes with three balls, so you might want to stock up with a more extensive supply. You can also use the remote control to launch balls according to your personal whim.

Overall, it is a deeply engaging product for both dog and human.




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