Puppy Large Breed

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Puppy Large Breed

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Eukanuba asserts itself as a premium-quality dog food; whilst it's certainly a decent step up from the Pedigree Chum / Wagg / Chappie spectrum, it would be a mistake to consider this anything more than a low/mid quality food.

Meat forms a moderate proportion of the total ingredients, with 25% chicken and turkey. The fact that this is dried meat is a strength, as it means there is less water padding out the meat and a higher concentration of valuable nutrition.

Eukanuba claim this meat provides a natural source of glucosamine and chrondroitin - important components of a large breed food as they support joint development. However, there will only be traces of these compounds - certainly not enough to bring any tangible benefit.

Maize and wheat are present in the ingredients; grains are considered low-quality ingredients as many dogs' digestive systems are intolerant of them (grains do not form part of a dog's natural diet) and they can trigger allergic responses.

Salt is another undesirable ingredient, and hydrolysed animal proteins are also listed, which is not an ideal source of protein as they are processed in a very inorganic manner.

Large breed puppies need a low calcium level in their food - the ideal figure is considered to be 1.2%. This mix has calcium at 0.8%.

It compares reasonably well with foods at a similar price point - I would go for it over Purina Pro Plan, for example, but Arden Grange is perhaps a better choice. If you're willing to shell out a little more for your pup, Acana, Applaws and Orijen deliver considerably higher quality.


Ingredients Nutritional Additives Analytical Constituents
dried chicken and turkey (25%)
animal fat
dried whole egg
dried beet pulp (2.8%)
hydrolysed animal proteins
fish oil
brewer’s dried yeast
potassium chloride
sodium chloride
fructooligosaccharides (0.28%)
calcium carbonate
vitamin a (46,167iu/kg)
vitamin d (1,532iu/kg)
vitamin e α-tocopherol (256mg/kg)
β-carotene (5.0mg/kg)
protein 26.0%
fat content 14.0%
omega-6 fatty acids 2.24%
omega-3 fatty acids 0.57%
dha 0.18%
moisture 8.00%
crude ash 5.40%
crude fibres 2.10%
calcium 0.8%
phosphorus 0.7%

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