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The Foobler is a new interactive dog toy marketed at owners who must leave their dogs alone at home during the day.

It is a food/treat dispensing toy with a unique timer function. At regular intervals, a bell will ring and the Foobler's inner core will release more food into the outer chamber. When the Foobler is chased and knocked about by your dog, the food will eventually fall out through the holes and can be eaten.

It's a very clever device which has excellent build quality - Frank has been using it for a while, and smashes it about very enthusiastically, but it shows no signs of failing.

The bottom of the Foobler is weighted, which makes it more unpredictable and interesting to chase.

You can adjust the time interval between feedings.

The Foobler requires batteries, which are included with purchase.

The only issue with this great device is that your dog will most likely need to be taught to return to the Foobler when the bell rings. Frank would roll it about until the first load of food had gone, but would not realise the bell indicated that a fresh serving was available.

It was not, however, difficult to teach him to associate the bell sound with the promise of more food.

Although it's quite expensive, the Foobler still comes highly recommended by Woof XL as a durable, engaging toy which can occupy dogs for long periods of time.



KONG Woobler

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