The IPC is the latest iteration of Julius K9's popular "Power Harness". It is a sturdy but lightweight harness which is designed with the dog's comfort as a priority.

The harness fits to the dog with a buckle strap going around and under the rib cage, and a padded velcro strap which goes around the front of his chest.

The velcro chest strap is angled lower than most other harnesses (including the classis K9 Power Harness). This transfers pressure from the shoulders and neck to the chest, making it far more comfortable for your dog.

The lead fitting is located on the dog's back, behind the shoulders. This, again, shifts pressure away from the neck, adding to the comfort. The harness is not necessarily designed to stop your dog pulling, but rather to make sure your dog is comfortable. We see this as a very good thing: there are far better ways to train your dog to stop pulling than making his harness uncomfortable.

Some bonus features include strapping to which torches and bags can be attached, so your dog can carry his own equipment. The "JULIUS K9" labels you can see in the picture are also detachable velcro, and you can replace them with a whole variety of (some very amusing) labels from the makers' website.

We think this is an excellent choice of harness for big dogs, because it has dog comfort as its main priority. Click the green button for purchase information and customer reviews.



This harness works on similar principles to the Julius IPC. Dean & Tyler harnesses are handmade with lightweight but strong weatherproof materials such as neoprene, so if you are looking for a really strong, rugged harness this might be a better choice than the IPC.

The chest strap is a bit higher than the IPC's, so it will put a little more pulling pressure on the dog's shoulders.

It has three D-rings fitted, giving a wider variety of lead attachment options. This may allow for better control.

Like the IPC, it has a strong handle - useful for dragging your dog out if water, for example. This harness also has reflective trim.

Its materials make it slightly quicker to air dry than the IPC.

It is rather harder to get hold of, and may take longer to arrive than the IPC. It is also more expensive.



There are, of course, a whole range of other harnesses available - but few are suitable for big, strong dogs.

Firstly, avoid anything thin and cheap. Thin materials will dig into your dog and make walks very uncomfortable.

Front-attaching harnesses (where the lead clips onto the front of your dog's chest) are supposed to allow for greater control, but in our experience we have found these very awkward to handle. The lead gets caught up far to easily under a big dog's legs, and proves very aggravating for him.

Head harnesses offer the greatest steerage control, but we would avoid these at all costs. They are not only uncomfortable and unnatural for a dog to wear, but the risk of damage caused to a big strong dog is high.

Harnesses should not be used as a way of controlling a pulling dog. Training is the soultion to this problem.

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