PEDIGREE Joint Care +

Due to Pedigree Joint Care + appearing so frequently on supermarket shelves, it may be one of the very few joint support products a lot of dog owners encounter. This is a great shame, as there are other much more effective alternatives.

The main problem with Pedigree Joint Care + is that it contains very low concentrations of the vital ingredients for effective joint supplements - or forgoes them altogether.

Pedigree Joint Care + contains crustaceans, which include 1.9% green-lipped mussel and 1.9% shrimp shells. From the mussels comes chrondoritin, one of the key ingredients for rebuilding damaged ligaments, and the shrimp provides glucosamine which offers similar benefits. However, these are pitifully low amounts when compared to a supplement like Riaflex which is PURE glucosamine. chrondoritin, AND MSM - another key ingredient for the best joint support - along with other beneficial additives.

As well as the minuscule concentrations of valuable ingredients, another issue with Pedigree Joint Care + is that it is bulked out with unhealthy fillers such as sugar (to make it taste better), cereal (can trigger allergic reactions) and "meat and animal derivatives" (all the bits of the chicken you would be really horrified to find as part of your roast dinner).

Pedigree Joint Care + is not only ineffective, but unhealthy. Riaflex is a far better choice for owners who want to offer their joint-impaired dog a genuine benefit.


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