Digestive Supplement


Sanofor is quite an unusual product - there are few others like it in both constitution and appearance.

It is marketeted as a natural moor product, and contains a huge cariety of plants and herbs which are rich with nutrients. Sanofor has a semi-fluid constituency, and can look rather off-putting when you first open it up. But it is odourless and is easily mixed into your dogs food.

Sanofor is designed to stimulate your dog's natural, friendly gut bacteria - making them more effective in digesting food, and helping to firm up loose stool. If fibre-based supplements such as tinned pumpkin haven't been working, it may weell be worth giving Sanofor a shot.

There are other reasons to use Sanofor, including: your dog has lost his appetitie, your dog is eating faeces, your dog has bad breath not caused by dental issues, your dog has dry skin/dandruff or is shedding excessively, or if your dog has constipation.

The recommended dose for large dogs is one tablespoon daily.

Lots of Sanofor's users praise its efficacy - most commonly for firming up loose stools. However, some people have also noted how it has helped very skinny dogs put on weight, and increase appetite. You can expect to see pretty rapid results, too.


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