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There's an inevitable placebo effect which kicks in for owners of itchy dogs after they've administered a pricy skin supplement. Any pause in itching is immediately credited to the miraculous elixir, which can often lead to a spate of positive reviews for an ineffective product. However, we believe Yumgega Plus deserves its strong reputation; here we take a look at how it gives a more-than-imaginary benefit.

Yumega Plus contains three key ingredients which make it effective in tackling itchy skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. These ingredients are:

> golden flax oil
> salmon oil
> starflower oil

Flax is a seed which has long been popular with bakers for its strong health benefits. The seed contains about 40% oil, about 50% of which is constituted by omega-3. It's omega=3 that gives relief to your itchy friend, as it forms a vital component of cell walls. By supplementing omega-3, you are helping your dog rebuild the cells of damaged skin - improving its condition and reducing itchiness.

There are other benefits of flax oil - for example, it helps reduce cholesterol and has a calming effect on the stomach lining, which might be a comfort for dogs with sensitive digestion.

This is another excellent source of omega-3, offering the same regenerative benefit to your dogs skin cells as flax seed oil. It comes with extra effects too; for example, it helps regulate the immune system and can lower blood pressure. Salmon oil helps to rebuild collagen, so can be very useful for arthritic dogs. However, quite a high dose is needed to get the full effect of this benefit, so you might want to look for a product which offers salmon oil in higher concentrations.

Also known as borage, starflower provides the source of Yumega's omega-6. Typically, omega-6 carries inflammatory properties, unlike omega-3 which is anti-inflammatory. However, starflower's omega-6 has high concentrations of a substance called gamma linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects and also helps skin retain moisture. This is what makes Yumega Plus effective in helping dogs plagued by dry skin.

All three of these oils are, therefore, highly effective ingredients which make Yumega Plus a very viable option for owners of dogs with dry and itchy skin complaints. The recommended dosage makes it reasonably cost effective, too:

small dog (up to 10kg): 2.5ml daily
medium dog (10-20kg): 5 - 7.5ml daily
large dog (20-30kg): 7.5 - 10ml daily
very large dog (30kg+) 10-15ml.

Owners of large breed dogs will therefore find a 500ml supply lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.

Overall, we feel there are very few options when it comes to skin supplements that ingredients of equal quality to Yumega's. If you're looking for a tangible benefit for your itchy friend, this is about the best choice you could make.


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